What can we do for you?

Everyone of us has a list of home repairs, maintenance and improvement projects that need to get done — both inside and outside the home. Let Juan in a Million Handyman Services bring your home up to your standards with a wide range of repair, improvement and remodeling services. We are  ready to help you get things done. 

Lighting Fixtures & Installs

We can fix and install lights

Lighting Services

Whether its a light bulb or a ceiling fan, we can help you get it installed. If a light is on the fritz, we can fix it.

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Drywall Repair

We don't care how the hole got there, we want to fix it.

Drywall Doctors

We call them accidents. Sometime they happen and they can put a hole in our wall. Let us patch it up.

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Touch-up Paint

Got a scratch or mismatched color? We'll touch it up.

Lets get a fresh coat

Whether you little one got creative with a marker, or you just need a wall changed out to a new color. Call us

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Minor Plumbing

We can help with small plumbing issues.

Faulty Faucet?

Do you want to add an aerator to your faucet or stop a leaky one? Is your garbage disposal acting up? We can help.

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Pressure Washing

Driveways, gutters, siding, bbq's, and more. We'll get it clean.

For stubborn stains

…and baked on dusty areas, we can stop buy and put some pressure on them.

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Furniture Assembly

You're busy, we get it. Let us put it together. Our experts are pros at assembling.

We got this

With all the online orders or big box stores, assembling furniture has become necessary. Not everyone has got the tools or the time. We do. Call us up.

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TV Mounting

Got a nice big screen tv and now you need to figure out how to mount it? We have the technology.

Mount up

Let us take care of hanging your new pride and joy on the wall. We have done this many times before and we can do it for you.

Doggie Doors

If you are in need of a door for your lil furry friends, we know how and where you should place it.

Fur When they need to go Paw-ty

Make it easier on yourself and your dog by installing a door for them to let themselves out.

Some of Our Work

We don’t like to brag, so we will let our work speak for itself. Throughout the valley, we have completed job after job with results that tell our customers “We care about our work”. 


Let’s Get Started

We understand that nagging feeling you get when something is left undone. Let us know what we can do to help and when you want it done. We’re ready.